Help the community, join the Ambulance Corps

Like all volunteer organizations, our ambulance corps is in need of new members.

We're looking for mature people to either drive our certified ambulances, help provide first aid, or become an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). We provide CPR training to all members. We also provide ongoing operations and medical training to our members. After meeting service time requirements, we will fund training for our members to become EMTs.

You will need to provide three references. A form letter is available for you to print out and give or mail to your references for them to complete and send to the ambulance corps. You cannot become a member without these references. Click here for the form letter.

Blooming Grove Volunteer Corps Inc is a not-for-profit organization, consisting of volunteer members and paid staff professionals. The primary purpose of this organization is to provide emergency medical services to those in need within the Town of Blooming Grove.

This application is for the position of a volunteer member only.

Please complete our online application by clicking

Once completed, someone from our Corps will follow up with you in a few days.