Local residents in our response area can come to Blooming Grove Ambulance for a basic but thorough non-certification FREE CPR / AED / Foreign Body Airway Obstruction overview (Family and Friends).

AHA BLS for the Healthcare Provider - Original:

December 13th, 2023 at 5:00PM - Signup at

Call us before you go elsewhere!  We have the best classes with the best instruction at the best prices in Orange County! You can contact us to schedule a class at the contact information below:

Phone Number: 1-212-961-7718

E-Mail Address:

Our CPR Training Coordinator is also our Membership Officer  David Moskowitz

Video below is of Dave teaching CPR.  

It is courtesy of Liz Honan and the Kyle Honan Heart to Foundation.  Many thanks to them for their ongoing efforts in educating people about CPR and Cardiac Arrest and in their fundraising to purchase AEDs for local organizations.